GARDEN OF REFLECTION by Jacqueline Coote

There are many gardens that are filled with beautiful flowers and trees. Gardens that are green every day, making life seem wonderful. There are gardens filled with weeds, where nothing worth saving grows and looking at it makes you sad. Then there are the gardens that enable you to look into your heart and soul and help you decide what path you want to take. A garden such as this is doesn’t come by every day, but when it does, it’s wonderful.

GARDEN OF REFLECTION will warm your heart and make you look at yourself in a different light.

Francesca is a woman whose life had always been full of worry and fear. Her pessimistic lifestyle had shunned all her childhood friends throughout her young and teenage years. Her fears and concerns had created a marriage that she didn’t fully enjoy. Her husband, Larry, was her complete opposite. He loved life to the fullest and wanted the same for Francesca. Oddly his enthusiasm and self-esteem were the qualities that attracted her.
After Larry’s sudden death, she makes a change and moves into a condo. While living there she comes upon a garden, which no one seems to realize is present. She experiences a strange encounter with a young girl, who turns her life around for the better and one who she eventually discovers was distantly related to her.

A story of faith, trust, encouragement and strong determination to find oneself through innocent eyes.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition.

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