Now That Thanksgiving is Gone

The preparations of making lists that include whom to invite, what to serve and cook, what type of table cloth or table decorations are needed, are now behind us. Until the next big holiday, Christmas. Then the process begins all over again. The stress of the seasons are upon us.  Holidays are meant to give and receive joy, not make us a bundle of nerves.

Thanksgiving is such a warm holiday. We acknowledge the fact as to how lucky we all are. We see others who are less fortunate than us and we thank God that our life is what it is.  We would like to help others, whether physically or monetarily, but we always say we will, but we mostly never do.

I want to take this time to have everyone think of one small thing they can do to make someone happy. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or time, but one small thing that would make a difference in someone’s life.

Maybe it’s a chore, handing someone a few dollars so that they can buy a meal or perhaps pay a bill that has been haunting them.  Even offering to do a service to help them through the day. Taking someone to their doctor’s visit, picking up a prescriptions for them at the pharmacy, walking their dog, helping with grocery shopping or even helping to write out Christmas Cards.

Whatever the gift or offer, it isn’t little if you are at the receiving line.

My friends, to be thankful for what you have, you have to show it through the deeds you do for others. You yourself will feel uplifted and good about yourself even more, when you see the smile on someone’s face you have helped or assisted. Although some may not show outwardly, in their hearts they appreciate what you have done. Don’t let their attitude stop you or prevent you from asking if they would like some help.  Picture yourself in their position, it can be tough at times, needing help or assistance, but being shy or afraid to ask.  Do the asking and watch a smile appear on a strangers face or perhaps get a ‘thank you’ for a deed well appreciated.

Enjoy your holidays my friends.  Remember every day is a gift, why not share it with others.

And Thank You All for taking the time to read this post.


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All artwork created by Jacqueline Coote