Have you ever been disillusioned or discouraged when you were young?  Did the scar of not doing what you want follow you through your adult life? TEA CAN WAIT is the story of one such woman, who was determined to follow her passion.

Olivia is now in her sixties and widowed. She had been disillusioned by her parents when she was young and discouraged by her late husband, Jack, to follow her dreams. Now when she enters the gazebo that was once a place of romance and intimate moments for Jack and Olivia, she finds it just a place to reminisce about her past life. A mysterious letter not only changes Olivia’s thinking, it changes her life in more ways than she could ever imagine.

A sweet and tender story that will warm your heart and stir the dreams again that you once had for yourself.

Jacqueline Coote – Author/Artist – Women’s Fiction – Inspiring and Encouraging books for women of all ages.

Author’s Page:


All artwork created by Jacqueline Coote


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