Holiday Ups and Downs

This time of the year, some of us feel down in the dumps before or after a holiday. We have so many things on our mind and although we try not to bring them forth into the next year, there they are trailing behind us, like old worn out luggage. We sometimes, can’t shake them, no matter what we do, so we keep them stored in our memory. They travel with us through the next year and the year after that, freeloading and taking over our minds and hearts. We need to take the time to sit back and try to think of ways to shake those freeloaders and make room for other invited guests, such as pleasantry and contentment and love.
I would like to take this time to wish all my family and friends the best New Year’s ever. One that is peaceful, loving and kind. Free of illness, or anger or misgivings.

A simple wish–a New Year full of smiles, much happiness and peace. Happy New Year All!


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