Beatrice, The Owl With No Friends



Once there was an owl named Beatrice, who lived by herself in the forest. She was happy to be by herself and never complained that she was alone, until one day when something happened to change her way of thinking. Friends are never sincere, Beatrice thought to herself. She found out later, how important it is to make and have good friends.

A learning experience for your child.  Illustrations, discussion page, page to color.




Sandy, The Grouchy Dog





Once there was a dog named Sandy. He wasn’t very big, but he had a big bark. So much in fact, he scared everyone in the neighborhood. Every day, Sandy would bark at the least little thing, causing the people in the neighborhood to fear him and they were really starting to get annoyed . He just didn’t want to be bothered by anyone and thought if he made a lot of noise, by barking, people would leave him alone. The other dogs in the neighborhood didn’t like Sandy, because he made people fearful of them too. They weren’t like him. They were gentle and friendly and wanted to be petted now and then, but the people in the neighborhood were also scared to approach the other dogs. They thought they were also mean like Sandy. Sandy soon learned how his barking was preventing the other dogs from being noticed and loved. He began to notice how different the other dogs were and that they wanted people to know that everyone is different and that you shouldn’t base your opinion about someone through the acts of others.