A heart can come in many colors or forms. It can be warm, showing love and concern for everyone it meets, or it can be cold, and hide its feelings. How can one woman be caring enough as to continually show her love and concern for so many? Claire Huntington lives in New York. She recently got divorced from Jeff, her husband of twenty-five years, a well renowned and highly sort after architect. Claire’s son, David, who followed in his father’s footsteps, is also an architect and lives in California with his wife Beth. Claire, now alone, but living comfortably in a large colonial, still feels something is missing in her life. Claire at one time had been an art teacher. She gave up her teaching position when Jeff and she got married. Jeff’s position and the salary he was earning at the time was more than substantial. Now divorced, Claire decides to help others with her artistic talents, namely children who come from underprivileged homes or abusive home settings. What Claire doesn’t realize is that she is personally getting involved in these children’s lives which cause her to gladly open her heart and help in whatever way possible. Her concern and involvement cause her much stress and as a result she neglects her health and well-being. When a possible chance for her to find romance comes again, she shies away from the opportunity, leaving her in a dilemma that would cause her to choose between the children that needed her, her son who recently lost his position, the new man that wanted to love her and the emotions she still holds in her heart for her ex-husband Jeff.