Welcome Fall

How glorious are the colors of Fall. Each leaf showing off its lively golds, reds and oranges. As they gently find their way down to the ground, we start to think of the winter that will soon be here. Out come the winter coats and boots which have been hiding in the attic all spring and summer.

Winter can be a welcoming sight for some and a depressing time for others. We look at winter as the end to all vegetation life as we have known it throughout spring and summer. However, winter can also be a refreshing time for us. A time to plan for the holidays, when families get together to celebrate. A time to reflect on the times past and think and plan for the following spring to come.

Let us rejoice as we watch the colorful variety of so many leaves as they gently fall to the ground, wishing for a wonderful holiday season ahead.

Happy Fall!

Jacqueline Coote
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Author Writes Words of Encouragement

Jackie Photo


Jacqueline Coote, author/artist/illustrator, writes books to encourage women and children.

Her books for mature women, encourage them to follow the dreams they once had, and if they had been discouraged or disillusioned when young, should now go ahead and follow their passions.  Perhaps financial problems, raising a family, divorced or widowed, a woman who has reached maturity can still fulfill her desires.  No one should discourage her.

Jacqueline’s books for children, are an ideal way of teaching them to never be discouraged, to be brave and face what ever comes their way.  Whether it is fear of making new friends, fear of experiencing the inability to complete a task, problems of facing a bully, experiencing loss or perhaps moving and entering a new school, her illustrated books help children to overcome these fears in a delightful way.  Whether the child reads the book themselves or has a parent or guardian read it to them, the messages will come across the pages to help a child overcome obstacles they face along the way.

Jacqueline illustrates all her books and designs her own book covers from paintings she has created in the past and ones she has design for a particular book.

Her books are available in paperback as well as e-book versions.








Beatrice, The Owl With No Friends



Once there was an owl named Beatrice, who lived by herself in the forest. She was happy to be by herself and never complained that she was alone, until one day when something happened to change her way of thinking. Friends are never sincere, Beatrice thought to herself. She found out later, how important it is to make and have good friends.


SHELLY, The Large Snail

Shelly Cover B


SHELLY, the snail, was very large. Actually she was larger than most snails that roamed the forest. Her size didn’t concern her, or the method of which she got around, which was gliding along on the ground at a very slow pace. She never let those things bother her, because she was able to notice beautiful trees and flowers, as she slowly moved about noticing the natural beauty of the forest. What bothered her the most, was the fact, that everyone was always in a hurry. They never seemed to have the time to stop and say ‘hello’. This made Shelly very sad and lonely. She learned that her size was not a problem, but actually something in her favor, when she was able to let others enjoy nature as she viewed it. They were thankful for her friendship and happy to be able to be her friend.



SANDY, The Grouchy Dog



Once there was a dog named Sandy. He wasn’t very big, but he had a big bark. So much in fact, he scared everyone in the neighborhood. Every day, Sandy would bark at the least little thing, causing the people in the neighborhood to fear him and they were really starting to get annoyed . He just didn’t want to be bothered by anyone and thought if he made a lot of noise, by barking, people would leave him alone. The other dogs in the neighborhood didn’t like Sandy, because he made people fearful of them too. They weren’t like him. They were gentle and friendly and wanted to be petted now and then, but the people in the neighborhood were also scared to approach the other dogs. They thought they were also mean like Sandy. Sandy soon learned how his barking was preventing the other dogs from being noticed and loved. He began to notice how different the other dogs were and that they wanted people to know that everyone is different and that you shouldn’t base your opinion about someone through the acts of others.


A heart can come in many colors or forms. It can be warm, showing love and concern for everyone it meets, or it can be cold, and hide its feelings. How can one woman be caring enough as to continually show her love and concern for so many? Claire Huntington lives in New York. She recently got divorced from Jeff, her husband of twenty-five years, a well renowned and highly sort after architect. Claire’s son, David, who followed in his father’s footsteps, is also an architect and lives in California with his wife Beth. Claire, now alone, but living comfortably in a large colonial, still feels something is missing in her life. Claire at one time had been an art teacher. She gave up her teaching position when Jeff and she got married. Jeff’s position and the salary he was earning at the time was more than substantial. Now divorced, Claire decides to help others with her artistic talents, namely children who come from underprivileged homes or abusive home settings. What Claire doesn’t realize is that she is personally getting involved in these children’s lives which cause her to gladly open her heart and help in whatever way possible. Her concern and involvement cause her much stress and as a result she neglects her health and well-being. When a possible chance for her to find romance comes again, she shies away from the opportunity, leaving her in a dilemma that would cause her to choose between the children that needed her, her son who recently lost his position, the new man that wanted to love her and the emotions she still holds in her heart for her ex-husband Jeff.





Discovering Yourself At A Later Age


They say that time tells all, but what if time can’t wait? What if time is passing you by faster than you expected. What if you have things you have always wanted to do and didn’t. What if you now regret the fact that you never followed your heart and that the disparaging remarks from others caused you to forget your passions along the way.

What if one day you woke up and suddenly realized, it’s not too late, that you can still seek the happiness you’ve always wanted. What if you pursue it? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? A moment to shine in your lifetime, full of contentment and satisfaction.







Beatrice, The Owl With No Friends



Once there was an owl named Beatrice, who lived by herself in the forest. She was happy to be by herself and never complained that she was alone, until one day when something happened to change her way of thinking. Friends are never sincere, Beatrice thought to herself. She found out later, how important it is to make and have good friends.

A learning experience for your child.  Illustrations, discussion page, page to color.