Halloween Creeps Me Out

Never liked it. I can not remember when I enjoyed going Trick or Treating when I was a kid…..I guess it is because it is always dark so early that night and always cold with a brisk breeze in the air. All the houses are dark and dreary. There are cobwebs hanging from trees, not to mention the toilet paper swaying in the breeze. There are children dressed in scary costumes, some are cute though, but there are some that are downright frightful. The doorbell rings into the early evening….ding, dong, “I will get this one”, ding, dong, “You get this one”, ding, dong, “l will get this again”, ding, dong, “You better get this one”, ding, dong, “Lock the Door” and “shut off the outside lights”. I might sound like the Halloween Scrooge, if there was ever one, but certain holidays hold a place in my heart and Halloween is not one of them.

I know the children love it. They are all dressed up in costumes of their favorite character and I do admit that some of them are just adorable…..You know even though I do not care for it, I enjoy my grandsons when they come to the door in their costumes with their faces filled with anticipation that grandma will give them a truck load of candy….this part of Halloween is well worth it.

For those of you who love Halloween, just be careful out there this Halloween night and be sure you accompany your children or grandchildren. Let them enjoy the evening that they have been waiting for, but make sure it is safe. Our children are the love of our lives.