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Jacqueline Coote, author/artist/illustrator, writes books to encourage women and children.

Her books for mature women, encourage them to follow the dreams they once had, and if they had been discouraged or disillusioned when young, should now go ahead and follow their passions.  Perhaps financial problems, raising a family, divorced or widowed, a woman who has reached maturity can still fulfill her desires.  No one should discourage her.

Jacqueline’s books for children, are an ideal way of teaching them to never be discouraged, to be brave and face what ever comes their way.  Whether it is fear of making new friends, fear of experiencing the inability to complete a task, problems of facing a bully, experiencing loss or perhaps moving and entering a new school, her illustrated books help children to overcome these fears in a delightful way.  Whether the child reads the book themselves or has a parent or guardian read it to them, the messages will come across the pages to help a child overcome obstacles they face along the way.

Jacqueline illustrates all her books and designs her own book covers from paintings she has created in the past and ones she has design for a particular book.

Her books are available in paperback as well as e-book versions.






Beatrice, The Owl With No Friends



Once there was an owl named Beatrice, who lived by herself in the forest. She was happy to be by herself and never complained that she was alone, until one day when something happened to change her way of thinking. Friends are never sincere, Beatrice thought to herself. She found out later, how important it is to make and have good friends.

A learning experience for your child.  Illustrations, discussion page, page to color.



Stories of Women Who Want To Make A Change

Jacqueline Coote is an artist/author.  Her books are written with the older woman in mind, however, her ideas and concerns are for all women who want to make a change, but are afraid to do so.

Women who have been discouraged or disillusioned in the past, somehow find it more difficult to follow their dreams at a later age. Age is not always the case, as some soon realize, but fear of the unknown and fear of failure come into play at any age.

Jacqueline’s first book, Only 60+ You Go Girl, is a prelude to the subject she writes about in her nine subsequent books.

Available on, in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Won’t you stop by her website, JACQUELINE’S SITE, or on Amazon to discover her style of writing. DISCOVER JACQUELINE ON AMAZON


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Francesca is a woman whose life had always been full of worry and fear. Her pessimistic lifestyle had shunned all her childhood friends throughout her young and teenage years. Her fears and concerns had created a marriage that she didn’t fully enjoy. Her husband, Larry, was her complete opposite. He loved life to the fullest and wanted the same for Francesca. Oddly his enthusiasm and self-esteem were the qualities that attracted her.
After Larry’s sudden death, she makes a change and moves into a condo. While living there she comes upon a garden, which no one seems to realize is present. She experiences a strange encounter with a young girl, who turns her life around for the better and one who she eventually discovers was distantly related to her.
A story of faith, trust, encouragement and strong determination to find oneself through innocent eyes.