HAVEN OF KINDNESS is a story of a nurse, whose love, dedication and caring for others shows over the years and even after retirement, she finds room in her heart to still care.


Kim, an RN, who has dedicated most of her life in the caring of others, has now come to realize that she should start thinking of retiring and leaving that part of her life behind her. Kim now wants to fulfill her dream while she still can in order to enjoy the rest of her life. While doing so, she finds herself once again involved in the caring of two people, Beatrice, an elderly yet feisty woman, whose life consisted of many personal tragedies and Bill, a strong and proud minded man, whose past haunts him and who is now stricken with a debilitating disease. Beatrice and Bill haven’t spoken to each other in years and while Kim can help them physically, emotionally they will have to heal themselves. A sweet and tender story of dedication, love and forgiving that will warm your heart.

Available in Paperback and Kindle Edition



HAVEN OF KINDNESS By Jacqueline Coote

Nursing… a dedicated and rewarding profession. Their dedication and love in caring for others is never really appreciated.

Soon to be released HAVEN OF KINDNESS: Kim , an RN, who not only cares for others throughout her younger years, finds herself caring for the sick and needy now that she is retired. A nurse who puts others before her, even though it is her time to enjoy the rest of her life. Through her continued caring she realizes she has finally obtained her life’s dream. Her haven, so to speak, that has brought with it contentment and love through her kindness.
A surprise ending that will delight and warm your heart.

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